We have created this marketplace after realizing that many successfully-launched ICOs did not respect their initial roadmap, disappointing people who supported and funded these projects.

We aim to be a safe space both for customers interested in new ICOs and talented teams determined to innovate. On our platform, we suggest that blockchain projects undergo several rounds of funding, unlocking the path to the next round only after presenting solid results to the public, all while staying compliant with the initial roadmap. This way, we plan to host only reliable projects with realistic aims and with teams that work tirelessly on their success.

We practice a holistic, business-driven approach for a successful ICO launch.


As a key element of our ICO support services, we will be involving industry specialists in order to guarantee that the new blockchain project is viable, ready to face industry’s challenges, beneficial for creators and prospects, and designed with a realistic Go-to-Market strategy. We offer our help in 5 dimensions that we deem defining for a successful ICO launch: Concept, Product, Technology, Marketing, and Legal.

Concept definition

  • Market exploration: we will create an oxygenated benchmark of existing initiatives of interest for your concept, both of direct competitors and best-in-class actors in related fields;
  • Risks assessment: we will involve industry specialists to assess the risks and challenges that the project might face in the current industry context;
  • Target audience research: we will conduct initial research on the target audience of the project, reaching out to them to both validate the initial concept directly by them, and define the key characteristics of the prospects, to be taken into consideration during the product design.
Additional: concept co-creation
Co-creation of a new blockchain-based service concept from scratch.

Product definition

  • White paper: we will assist the team in writing a white paper that will outline clearly the project ambitions and will be appealing for potential investors;
  • Roadmap: we will assist the team with the establishment of clear and feasible KPIs, that would be perfectly compatible with the goals of the client’s company and the pace the firm decides to undertake;
  • Talent strategy: we will assess the project from the perspective of human resources needed for its success run. We will design a team of talents necessary for successful project execution, once the fundraising is completed.
Because nothing is better than being able to test the product directly, we will build a prototype of your product for client demonstration.
Additional: Proof-of-Concept
We will build an operational Proof-of-Concept for your product, with a first client base.

Technical support

  • Token creation: we will assist you in the emission of tokens;
  • Smart contracts creation and review: we will assist the ICO team in writing smart contracts, and will review those that the team already has;
  • Landing page: we will create a landing page that will outline clearly the project ambitions and will be appealing for the customers;
  • Token sale: we will organize the token sale, and provide the team with a wallet to store safely the newly emitted tokens and the raised funds.

Marketing strategy design and execution

  • Listing your project on relevant ICO websites;
  • Advertising for your project in more than 300 specialized media platforms;
  • Creation of a presentation video;
  • Pitch preparation: we will help your ICO team to prepare and train to deliver a pitch that will be convincing for audience and investors;
  • SEO, SMM with regular reports & analysis;
  • Content strategy & content creation;
  • Event strategy: we will help you to find and get access to strategic blockchain events where you will be able to pitch your project to the public.

Full legal support

  • White Paper: we will draft the terms and conditions for your white paper;
  • KYC: we will complete the KYC procedure for your ICO;
  • Company registration: if you decide to operate in Estonia (an ICO- and cryptocurrency-friendly country) we will help you in obtaining e-residency and company registration, as well as provide assistance with opening bank accounts and tax advise.